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  • FAQ

    How Do I Check My Reading Glasses Strength

    1. Use the "Online Reading Test" by clicking here:
    Download the reading test. Open it and “Maximise” the photo. Sit about 40cm away from the computer screen, read the text (without any glasses) until you begin to experience difficulty reading. Refer to the number to the right of the sentence to determine the strength that you need.
    2. Email us a photo of your prescription to "" and our in-house Optometrist will work out the correct strength that you need for you.
    3. You can use our guide below when choosing your required strength of reading glasses depending on your age. But if possible, the best and most accurate way is to confirm your reading prescription strength with your local Optician. You can also email us a photo of your prescription and we will work out the correct strength that you need for you.

    +1.00D (40-45 Years Old)
    +1.50D (45-50 Years Old)
    +2.00D (50-55 Years Old)
    +2.50D (55-60 Years Old)
    +3.00D (60-65 Years Old)
    +3.50D (65+ Years Old)
    +4.00D (Check with Optician)


      How can I make my glasses fit tighter or looser?

      You can adjust the bend of the legs so that your glasses fit tighter. Once the leg is heated it becomes more flexible and able to be bended, then when it cools it stiffens again. You can heat it up with a hair dryer for about 15 seconds. Once it is heated, bend it slightly for a tighter fit. Alternatively you can straighten the leg, and then re-create your bend on the leg a bit further up if required. Here is a short video showing this => 


      What is the best way to insert the thin glasses into the thin case?

      Squeeze the middle of the glasses while you insert it into the case. It will also be easier to insert the glasses into the case with the back of the case facing towards you.


      Do You Do Prescription Glasses?

      We are only doing Reading Glasses at the moment.


      How much do you charge for shipping?

      We provide 100% FREE Shipping which includes a tracking number. This is part of our continued commitment to provide the best customer service and ensure 100% satisfaction for every order made from our store.


      How do I check the status of my order?

      You can check the status of your order by emailing us at You will be receiving an email containing your order's Tracking Number details 3-5 days after your order is placed in our store. In the event that you fail to receive an email containing this information. Please feel free to send us a follow-up email at our Customer Support Email address and include your order number in the email so we can assist you quickly.


      How long does the delivery take?

      We re currently providing 100% FREE Shipping with tracking number. You will receive an email with your tracking number once your item has been shipped, please allow at least 3-5 business days (UK) for your order/s to be delivered or 1-2 weeks (International). Due to the current situation, there may be some slight delays.

      If your order hasn’t arrived within the given time frame, please contact our support team at so we can further assist you.


      What is your refund/returns policy?

      A full refund or replacement will be given for items that are not received or lost in transit. Returns can also be made within 30 days after you receive your order. Errors made by customers when providing shipping information and sizing details on their order/s that result to missed parcel deliveries or wrong size are excluded in the refund. For more information about eligibility and exclusions of order refund policy, please check our Refund section by clicking here.

      (This policy excludes errors made by customers when providing shipping details on their order(s) or missed parcel deliveries). 

      Only one of the two products I purchased arrived?

      Please allow a few more days for your other order to arrive. Sometimes we ship orders for single customer separately. This is due to item availability and other stock, warehouse and processing factors. For further assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team at Please include your Order Number in your email so we can assist you quickly.


      Do you deliver products internationally?

      Yes, we do. Owly Eyewear Ltd has been successful in processing and shipping orders to customers around the globe on a daily basis. Most of our patron customers are located internationally. We also provided free (untracked) and tracked shipping options. Owly blue blocking reading glasses are also designed to be thin and light enough to fit through your letterbox!


      I've placed an order with multiple items recently; can I combine them into one package?

      Since we have different storerooms for order distribution, each item is subject to availability. Sometimes we don’t have the products available in one place so the items may be shipped separately. However, you will still receive your orders, just maybe not at the same time. 


      Payment Methods?

      Currently we accept only credit card, debit card (input into credit card box) or you can register your bank through to pay. You can also pay by eCheck on Paypal. Unfortunately we do not provide "Cash On Delivery" payment method. Please be assured we will provide tracking number for international orders to ensure delivery.


      I've put a wrong shipping address and/or picked a wrong size. can I change it?

      Please email us right away at indicating your Order Number so we can assist you quickly. We will check your order in our system and if it still hasn’t been processed yet, we can still make changes.

      Incorrect shipping address: It is a must that you contact us right away. We process and ship each order almost instantly, so if your order/s happens to be dispatched already, we won’t be able to grant your request.

      Incorrect size/colour/model: Given that the item is already shipped out, we can't make amends for it. Once you receive the product, please send us an email at stating that you have received it. We will let you ship it back to us so we can exchange it for the correct item that you want. Please note that the shipping cost is shouldered by the receiver.

      To be eligible for a return/exchange: The item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it and must be in the original packaging including the proof of purchase.


      How do I choose the right reading glasses?

      To make sure that you choose the right reading glasses. Use our "Online Reading Test" here:

      Download the reading test. Open it and “Maximise” the photo. Sit about 40cm away from the computer screen, read the text (without any glasses) until you begin to experience difficulty reading. Refer to the number to the right of the sentence to determine the strength that you need.


      What is the average reading glasses strength?

      The average reading glasses strength can will depend on the age. Here is the average reading glasses strengths required per age range:

      +1.00D (40-45 Years Old)
      +1.50D (45-50 Years Old)
      +2.00D (50-55 Years Old)
      +2.50D (55-60 Years Old)
      +3.00D (60-65 Years Old)
      +3.50D (65+ Years Old)


      Can reading glasses help with computer screen fatigue?

      Yes reading glasses can definitely help with computer screen fatigue if you require them. Generally those who are over 40 years of age will need reading glasses. This is because our near focusing ability decreases as we get older as our natural lens becomes less flexible and our eye muscles become weaker. So using reading glasses can then help us to focus and reduce eyestrain and eye fatigue. Owly reading glasses also include blue light blocking technology in our lenses which can further reduce fatigue and improve sleep by blocking the harmful effects of blue light emitted from digital devices.


      How do I clean and maintain my reading glasses?

      To clean and maintain reading glasses, we recommend firstly to rinse your glasses under cold tap water. This will get rid of any dirt or abrasive debris on the lens gathered over time. We then recommend to use a microfibre cloth which is provided with Owly reading glasses, to wipe dry the lens. Using a microfibre cloth will ensure that your lenses will not scratch. If you use your shirt or tissue paper it will be too abrasive and cause scratches on the delicate coating of the lenses.


      Can I wear reading glasses over contact lenses?

      Indeed you can wear your reading glasses over your contact lenses. If you need reading glasses, then contact lenses will generally only correct distance or mostly distance vision. Some contact lens fitting methods can have some reading element incorporated into it. If you feel you're reading is not good with your contact lenses then you can definitely wear reading glasses over your contact lenses to improve your reading as they will provide extra magnification. You can use our "Online Reading Test" here to find the strength of reading glasses that you need:


      What are the benefits of wearing blue light blocking reading glasses?

      The benefits of wear blue light blocking reading glasses are reduced eyestrain, fatigue and better sleep. This is especially if you use digital deices a lot such as your mobile phone, computer, laptop or iPad. The blue light blocking lenses will block harmful blue light emitted from these digital devices. Such blue light has proven to disrupt sleep, and for many people it can cause eyestrain and fatigue over time as well as headaches and migraines. 


      Are reading glasses different from prescription glasses?

      Yes reading glasses are different from prescription glasses. Reading glasses are the same strength in both lenses and basically provide extra magnification to help you read small print. As we get older, usually over 40 years of age, our ability to focus and read small print decreases. When this happens, using reading glasses can help us to focus and read clearer. Prescription glasses on the other hand, are lenses specifically made to correct the refractive error of each individual eye. They are especially helpful if you have a difference of vision in each eye or if you have astigmatism or if you have short-sightedness. These prescription lenses will ensure that each eye sees clearly if you have a complex prescription in each eye. Prescription lenses will also be made as single vision distance lenses (to correct for distance vision), single vision near lenses or prescription reading glasses (to correct for near vision only) or varifocal lenses (to correct for various distances such as distance, intermediate and near vision). Prescription glasses can also be made into bifocal reading glasses or progressive reading glasses.


      How often should I replace my reading glasses?

      We recommend to replace your reading glasses if they are no longer as clear as they use to be. This may mean that you need stronger reading glasses. The strength required for your reading glasses usually changes every 2 years between the ages of 40 years old and 60 years old. Also, if you have had your reading glasses for longer than 1 or 2 years, then there may also be scratches on the lenses, and you should replace them if the lenses are scratched. We also recommend to replace your reading glasses if the frames have become worn or the legs are broken or slackened and cause discomfort when worn.


      Can I use reading glasses for distance vision?

      Generally, you can not use reading glasses for distance vision as they are only focused for reading. However if you are long-sighted, then you may find that some reading glasses help improve your distance vision, depending on how long-sighted you are. You can find our your prescription by getting an eye test from a local Opticians.


      Are there stylish and fashionable options for reading glasses?

      There generally are not stylish or fashionable options for reading glasses. That is why we created Owly Designer Reading Glasses. Our goal with Owly reading glasses was to design them to be stylish and fashionable, with many colours to choose from, so that you can feel and look great when wearing your reading glasses. Many of our customers love the design and colour of Owly designer reading glasses and have received many compliments on them from their friends and family. So we believe that we are achieving the goal which we set out to do!


      How secure is my personal information?

      Owly Eyewear Inc. values and protects your information as much as it values the name and business. Your information will be kept in our database for the reference purposes only and will not be given to anyone or anything that isn’t linked to our shop. Our website is using the best SSL certificate which is required on all online processing payments, so you will be assured that your purchase is secure and safe.